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Phase 1 - program A

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A1"TFL release" with lacrosseball1 pain side only2-3 min---1---
B1"Tx AP glide"15Moderate-52---
B2"Quadruped T-Spine"15 each sideModerate-52---
C1"Groin Stretch" / "Wall Split"15Moderate + 15 sec hold in last rep---2---
C2"Rectus Femoris Stretch" / "Rectus Femoris MFR"145 sec static stretch---2---
C3"Psoas Stretch Kneeling"145 sec static stretch---2---
C4"VL Release Seated"160 sec massage (can be pain side only)---2---
C5"Small Bridge Lats Out" / "Small Bridge with Abdution" / "Small Bridge with Adduction" 15Moderate + 15 sec hold in last rep-12---
D1"Foot MFR"5 on 5 sore spotsModerate-12---
D2"Knee Circles"25 each directionModerat-52---
D3"Taiji Eagle Arms"10-25Moderate-12---

Phase 1 - program B

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A1"VL Release" seated1 pain side only2-3 min (can be pain side only)---1---
B1"Rectus Femoris Stretch"145 sec static stretch---3-5---
B2"Skaters Lunge"60 sec total timeModerate-13-545 sec
B3"Hip Extension Knee Flexion"5-84 sec. down-13-5---
C1"SLBR-A"5 to each side10 sec static hold-13---
C2"Low Ab Static"160 sec static hold-13---
D1"Knee Circles"25 each directionModerat-53---
D2"Single Leg Balance with Knee Extended" - Windlass130 sec static hold-12---

Phase 1 - program B

A1) TFL release with lacrosseball - 1 set of 2-3 min. massage on pain side only

B1) Tx AP glide - 2 sets of 15 rep moderat pace 

B2) Quadruped T-Spine - 2 sets of 15 reps on each side moderat pace

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